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Pallet Displays

Full or half pallet displays of corrugated cardboard are a perfect way to present a considerable volume of merchandise ready to sell. Since half and full pallet displays can sell such significant numbers of products they are very cost-effective. Colourful and creative designs can make a real impact and stimulate customers toward your displays. These sizeable displays can ‘shout’ to your customers, make them take notice and tempt them to buy your goods. They can be hard to ignore when designed properly.

With such a diverse variety of products for merchandising, it follows that your displays will be specifically designed, in line with your marketing and supply chain needs, for your particular products. If required, the inner fittings can also be designed to suit and fit your products perfectly – all without the need to order large quantities.


To find out how we can help you with your full and half pallet merchandising units:

please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Easter Pallet 2015
Arnotts spinner
temptations cat house
Ernest Adams Pallet
Dog Story Dumpbin
Temptations Bow
Gold Winner '23.png
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