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Digital Print

ABC Original Print continues to invest in quality. With over $2.7M invested, ABC Original continue to strive to offer the best quality and service. Part of that injection was the addition of the new HP Scitex 11000  and HP Scitex 17000 printers. These bring outstanding versatility, automation, print quality and are economic. The HP Scitex 11000 and HP Scitex 1700 are helping us to support our customers with quality prints/displays through a broad range of applications on multiple substrates, digital print with ongoing press enhancements, tools, and support services.

HP Scitex 17000

HP 3500

The HP Scitex 11000 and HP Scitex 17000 allow us here at ABC Original print to be:
• Cost-effective in a wide range of jobs and run lengths— one-off custom to 3000 plus units
• Easily meet market turnaround demands with zero set up and simple operation
• Gain unmatched media versatility—from fibre-based substrates to rigid plastics—with HP HDR250 Scitex inks

HP 17000 Printer.jpg

HP Scitex 11000

HP 3500.jpg

"We are ensuring that we keep up with the latest technology and maintain our reputation of being the fastest to market."

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