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Dump Bins

This type of display is a very popular way to present a vast assortment of products in-store and has been for many years. Your dump bins can be manufactured in all manner of shapes, sizes and permutations.

Like most point of sale, or point of purchase displays, dump bins can be a plain and simple square, circle, hexagon or even more complex shapes, with or without headers. Your choices are numerous and varied giving you options on how to increase your brand awareness and promote your products in-store.


Floor standing dump bins can be quite a size, so displaying a variety of products that ‘bundle’ well or complement each other makes for a great attention-grabbing display.


You’ll see a few of the designs and structures of dump bins we’ve manufactured for some of our clients in the gallery below. Whilst it’s only a small cross-section it will hopefully give you an idea of what we could do for you.

Ovi Twin Dump Bin
Dog Story Dumpbin
Spark Dumpbin
Drop Umbrellas
Snickers 3 Nut
Peanut Slab
Property Press Bin
Gold Winner '23.png
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