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Regardless of what business you’re in, you cannot underestimate the importance of Point of Sale items and promotional displays. From banner stands and leaflet dispensers to menu holders and window displays: these are your mini-brand boosters. These POS’ grab attention, offer information and can create lovely links between you and your customers: True branding in action.


Whether you’re the proud owner of a chain of supermarkets or a cosy little cafe, it’s safe to say that Point of Sale and window displays can work wonders for boosting your profits. ‘Point of Sale displays’ is a term which actually covers a wide range of display and signage options, including menu holders, banner stands, leaflet dispensers and more. When these display cases are strategically placed at the eye-level of passers-by, they can help to grab a potential customer’s attention and inform them about your business’s product or service, as well as any special offers that may be available.

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Engaging those within the shop with visual displays is one of the most subtle, yet effective ways in which you can begin to build a larger customer base for your business. Both Window and POS displays offer outstanding value for money; in terms of advertising costs, you can’t get much cheaper than a simple acrylic stand; yet using this form of display in a shop has been proven to be a hugely effective way of drawing customers in.

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We offer a bespoke creative design service to customers who require a more distinctive, unique display solution or specific promotion package for their business. Each custom design/promo is produced to the exact specifications provided by the customer and like all of our products, is manufactured to an incredibly high standard.


Take a look at our Portfolio page for a range of promotional opportunities that your business could benefit from. From style to functionality and branding, we take every element into consideration.

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