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Counter Displays

Regardless of what business you’re in, you cannot underestimate the importance of Point of Sale items and promotional displays. From banner stands and leaflet dispensers to menu holders and window displays, these are your mini-brand boosters. These POS’ grab attention, offer information and can create lovely links between you and your customer: true branding in action.

We offer a bespoke creative design service to customers who require a more distinctive, unique display solution or specific promotion package for their business. Each custom design/promo is produced to the exact specifications provided by the customer and like all of our products, is manufactured to an incredibly high standard. Check out some examples below:

Kettle Honey Bookend
barfoot cracker 2
Cadbury Van
Caltex Fuel Stop
M&M Magnify Standee
Thorntons Suitcase
Leggos Pasta Sauce
Red Seal Tub Presenter
Techron Dummy Pump
Motor Up Counter top
Nutro BBQ
Kim Crawford
Pak n Save ring box
Trilogy Counter Balm
Jockey Goal Posts
Cadbury 3D Standee
Peanut Slab
Trade show
Gold Winner '23.png
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